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    Self catering accomodation

    Holiday proposals

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    Holiday proposals

    Quality naturalist holiday
    Nature holiday in Italy starting at € 38,00

    Fishing holiday
    Fishing offer 2014 starting from € 104,00

    Walking holiday in Italy
    Hiking holidays at € 170,00

    Thermal holiday in Trentino
    Health and wellness at € 170,00

    Mountain Holidays for groups
    Mountain holiday for groups starting at € 143,00

    Wellness holidays in Italy for seniors
    Wellness holidays for seniors starting at € 378,00

    Travel of emotion for groups
    Daily excursion for groups at € 49,00

    25th April day in Trentino
    Special spring weekend starting at € 153,00

    Family holidays in Easter
    Thermal holiday for children starting at € 322,00

    1st May day in Trentino
    Special spring weekend starting at € 149,00

    Weekend for groups: "The romantic poet"
    Cultural Weekend for groups at € 100,00

    02nd June day in Trentino
    Special spring weekend starting at € 124,00


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    Museum of the School of Rango
    year 2014

    Walk with coordination
    Friday 25th April

    Nuts of Bleggio
    Friday, April 25

    Tasting of local products
    Friday, April 25

    Musical evening
    Friday, April 25

    Walk with rhythm
    Saturday 26th April

    Laboratory: "The Bio-toothpaste"
    Saturday, April 26

    Musical evening
    Saturday, April 26

    The poet and Sybille
    Sunday, April 27

    Walking school
    Monday 28th April

    Evening with music
    Wednesday, April 28

    Walk with your body
    Tuesday 29th April

    Ballroom dancing with live music
    Tuesday, April 29

    Wednesday, April 29


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    Restaurant Alla Rosa
    Cavrasto - Bleggio Superiore

    Refuge Alpenrose
    San Lorenzo in Banale

    Restaurant&Pizzeria Dologno
    Loc. Dologno - Stenico

    Restaurant&Pizzeria Da Lucio
    Passo Ballino - Fiavè

    Restaurant Dolomiti di Brenta
    San Lorenzo in Banale

    Restaurant, Pizzeria and Bar Erica
    San Lorenzo in Banale

    Restaurant&Pizzeria Don Pedro
    Ponte Arche - Comano Terme

    Restaurant&Pizzeria Fiore
    Poia - Comano Terme

    Restaurant Il Catenaccio
    Rango - Bleggio Superiore

    Restaurant&Pizzeria Lo Scoiattolo
    Ponte Arche - Comano Terme

    Restaurant&Pizzeria La Pineta
    Loc. La Pineta - Fiavè

    Agritur Maso Alle Rose
    Cavrasto - Bleggio Superiore

    Agritur Maso Marocc
    Loc. Maso Marocc - Poia

    Bar Restaurant Passo Durone
    Passo Durone - Bleggio Superiore

    Ristorante Villa di Campo
    Campo Lomaso - Comano Terme


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    Stenico: medieval castle
    Fortress, residence and museum

    Campo castle
    Romantic country retreat

    Castel Restor
    Con la sua pallida torre di granito, domina la valle delle Terme di Comano

    Archeological site: Fiavè
    Protected biotope

    luogo 1
    sulle tracce di Kumbe

    Castel Spine
    rifugio comunitario

    Mani Castle
    Between history and nature

    Parish church of San Lorenzo
    Baroque church

    S.Croce's Church
    Ancient Parish Church of Bleggio

    Parish of Banale
    At the feet of the Brenta Dolomites

    S. Felice's Church
    Frescoes and paintings

    Gothic-renaissance Church
    Assunta's Church

    S.Giorgio's Church
    Beautiful bell tower

    Cultural museum
    History and tradition of the alps

    Botanic Garden
    Flowers and waterfall


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    Pista kart
    Snow sport in winter

    Terme di Comano

    Car Rescue

    Nordic Walking
    Terme di Comano - San Lorenzo in Banale

    Snow sport in winter

    River Sarca

    Bancomat Service:
    Terme di Comano Dolomiti di Brenta

    Swimming Pool and Gym
    Cattoni Hotel Plaza

    Swimming Pool and Gym
    San Lorenzo in Banale

    Town hall

    Free Internet access, booking recommended

    Free Internet access, booking recommended.

    Town hall

    Town hall
    Bleggio Superiore

    Town hall
    Comano Terme

    Tourism Board
    Terme di Comano Dolomiti di Brenta
    Via C. Battisti, 38/d  I-38077 Ponte Arche TN Trentino
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    email: info@visitacomano.it

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