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Kid's walking tours

Valid till 13 January 2020

Explore the kid's walking tours with your family between Garda Lake and Brenta Dolomites. We are a beautiful valley in Trentino, Unesco Biosphere Reserve. Here you can enjoy the mountain with your children (in every season) travelling itineraries for everybody of the family. You can revalue pleasure to share memorable moments with your children where breathing fresh air of the Dolomites, running across green pasture and smells from the wood, following the animals' footprints who live in the Adamello Brenta Nuture Park. You will feel the rhythm of earth and people who live in little villages surrounded by ancient castles and decorated churches. 

Choose a slow holiday in Trentino. Get slower to follow the nature along unique places full of traditions and history. Forget your car and live your emotional holiday! Here walking is a life style and you can do that with your family!

Following these special family tours (for children from 6 to 12 y.o) you will have the opportunity to discover the valley, the small typical italian villages and a lot of cultural sites. Every children's walking tour has a specific tale to know.
In this way you can enjoy a relaxing holiday with your family in Terme di Comano and learn interesting curiosities of this mountain valley.

From 6 itineraries, choose what you prefer. You can download the track and start for a trip between legend and reality!

“il lago d’erba della val Lomasona" path

The Jiminy Cricket of Val Lomasona

The path

"La sTrada della strega" path

The little girl and the witch

The path

"Piccole baite addossate alle rocce" path

The house of the little pigs

The path

"BoscoArteStenico" path

The bear and the artist

The path

"Il piccolo grande lago della Torbiera di Fiavè" path

The Pied Piper and the pile-dwelling

The path

"C'era una volta un castello" path

The return of Captain Piccinino by Stefano Bordiglioni

The path

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